About us

Owners Terry & Sharon Baumgart brought The Pickle Factory to life during the spring of 2007. 

How we got started

In our household, canning and pickling are family traditions we've carried on for generations. We use old secret family recipes to conjure up new and exciting flavors all with our own unique twist! Originally everything was done in our small home-kitchen but we just couldn't keep up with the high demand; it was time to move to the next step! In 2007, The Pickle Factory was brought to life and we've been "jamming" ever since. 

‚ÄčThe Bar & Grill

The Pickle Pantry

The Pickle Pantry, located in the basement of The Pickle Factory, has an incredible assortment of jams, jelly, pickled vegetables, pickled meats, sweets & pie fillings, and our famous bloody mary mix! The inventory is always changing, so stop by to check out the great deals! 

On top of the Pickle Pantry, where all of our "goodies" are kept, The Pickle Factory is also a fully functional Bar & Grill! We serve everything from appetizers, salads, burgers, pizzas, to a fantastic selection of dinner options. We run weekly drink specials, as well as lunch and evening food specials!

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29961 415th St

Vergas, MN 56587

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